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Red Mesa Builders, Inc. (RMB) is a full service general contractor who also offers construction management services.

Founded and located in Las Vegas Nevada, RMB has prided itself on it abilities and mechanisms to embrace complex construction projects to successful completions but also a go to contractor for your smaller projects.

Red Mesa Builders, Inc. has a team of professionals with decades of experience in providing a variety of services to meet a client’s needs. These services range from reviewing construction needs, evaluating design drawings, detail estimates, cost risk, providing detail scheduling, with cash flow and project construction.

Red Mesa Builders, Inc. projects range in size and complexity from repairs, maintenance, tenant improvements and new construction. RMB focus on the details of a business infrastructure that may be uncommon for owners,  investors and funding agencies.


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“Innovation is Clear - Workmanship is Evident - Quality Speaks for Itself”

B-General Building License No. 0081273      

Bid Limit: $3,200,000